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ETher WeldCheck Eddy Current Flaw Detector Series

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The WeldCheck Eddy Current (ECT) Flaw Detector Family from ETher NDE now appeals to users within a wide range of industries including Offshore, Rope Access non destructive testing (NDT) applications and other weld inspection applications replacing Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant Inspection especially on coated welds.

Designed specifically to meet the exacting requirements of ISO17643 (formally EN1711) “Eddy Current examination of welds by complex plane analysis”. However as a high specification eddy current flaw detector then a full range of other eddy current inspections may also be undertaken.

The WeldCheck2 EC Flaw Detector is lightweight, compact and cased in a tough aluminium alloy Mg Si 0.5 powder-coated outer case with rubber end bumpers and has been designed with the basic end user in mind.

The WeldCheck+ further enhances the inspection capability by adding dual channel/frequency capability and Automatic Lift Off Gain Compensation (LOGC) and conductivity measurement. Dual channel for Weld Inspection means the Weldprobe can simultaneously assess coating thickness and detect defects (allowing the operator to be more efficient). LOGC automatically compensates for coating thickness variations in real time further improving the quality of inspection.

All instrumentation is designed and manufactured in the UK by the ETher NDE team and fitted with industry standard 12-Way Lemo and Co-axial Lemo 00 connectors, the WeldCheck is able to use absolute, bridge and reflection probes without the need for adaptors. The WeldCheck ET Flaw Detectors offers a crisp, clear daylight viewable screen, user friendly interface and menu systems all in a rugged aluminium housing with protective rubber end bumpers.

Key Features:
Works The Way You Do:

The WeldCheck has been designed with the built-in “flip” function works equally well for left or right-handed users.

As with mobile phone or keyboard usage, our fingers become accustomed to repeating patterns of key presses. The WeldCheck keypad has been cleverly designed to exploit this trait, with all critical keys being in the same position regardless of whether the Instrument is being operated in “right-handed” or “left-handed” mode.

Lightweight, rugged and easy to use:

Lightweight at 1.2kg (2.7 lbs.) and housed in a rugged metal casing, the WeldCheck offers up to ten hours battery life, easy to navigate menu systems and great EC performance.

The WeldCheck features a simple “single-level” menu system. In addition, any menu item can be added to the “Quick Menu” sidebar with its own easily recognisable Icon enabling faster adjustments during the inspection process.

The WeldCheck has been built with operator-selectable “soft keys”. Every menu item has its own easily recognisable icon. There are four soft key positions for operator selectable icons for frequently used functions and a fifth position for the last menu function used. Each saved instrument setting can be associated with a unique, one press set of quick access functions. There are also two front panel hard keys that can also be easily programmed for rapid one press access to instrument functions

Innovative “Loop” Feature:

“Loop” is a convenient way of capturing a live repetitive signal and then optimizing the instrument settings especially Phase, Gain and Filters in order to simplify the task of optimizing the parameters.

“Guides” Feature:

“Guides” allow the user to display a slide show that can be created easily with commonly used desktop software. The benefit of this feature is that instructions, tutorials and procedures for the inspection can be added to the WeldCheck very quickly and the NDT inspector can easily switch between the Inspection itself and the “Guides” while performing a live test.

Trace Function:

The trace function allows a reference waveform to be stored on the screen and appears along with the graticule behind the live spot. This allows the operator to readily compare the live data with the reference calibration.


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