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Aerofab 90° Flexible 6″ Shaft Eddy Current Probe


With over 50 years of NDT equipment fabrication and design under their belt, Aerofab Eddy Current Equipment is one of the best in the industry.

This shielded probe comes with a Microdot connector and has a 6″ (15.25cm) flexible shaft, with a 90° angle at the end. Making it easy to manipulate the probe to get to hard to reach places. Available in 50-500KHz, 500KHz-1MHz, 1MHz–3MHz, 1MHz-6MHz frequencies (other frequency ranges available on request) it is perfect for all sorts of applications.

Need a probe that isn’t listed? We can have probes manufactured to your specifications!

Frequency Range

50-500KHz, 500KHz-1MHz, 1MHz – 3MHz, 1MHz-6MHz


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