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Ardrox 970 P26E Level 4 Water Washable Fluorescent Penetrant


Water washable fluorescent penetrant suitable for the detection of defects open to the surface in metal and non-porous ceramic components during manufacture and overhaul. Exceptionally low level of background with excellent heat and UV fade characteristics. Ideal for electrostatic or immersion application. AMS 2644 qualified, level 4.


Approving authority Specification Product Use / Specification title What
SAFRAN Group PR-5000 Penetrant testing Approval
Rolls-Royce RRP 58003 Conformance
Airbus AITM 6-1001 Penetrant inspection Conformance
ASME Boiler & Vessel Code Section V, Article 6 Conformance
Society of Automotive Engineers AMS 2644 Type I, Method A & C, Level 4 Approval

Technical Datasheets:

Download Ardrox 970P26E Technical Datasheet


25L container


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