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Ardrox 9812 Post Emulsifiable Level 2 Fluorescent Penetrant


Post emulsifiable fluorescent penetrant, medium sensitivity. AMS 2644 qualified, level 2.

Fluorescent penetrant to be used with a separate emulsifier produces crisp indications with exceptionally low levels of background, has excellent heat and UV fade characteristics and is ideal for electrostatic application.


Approving authority Specification Product Use / Specification title What
Rolls-Royce OMat 650F Approval
Pratt & Whitney PMC 4352-6 post-emulsifiable penetrant, normal sensitivity Approval
CFM International CFM56 SPM Approval
MTU MTH 1076 Approval
Rolls-Royce CSS232 Approval
SAFRAN Group IN-5000 Approval
CEN ISO EN ISO 3452-2 Conformance
General Electric Commercial Engines P3 TF47 Class A, B and C Approval
SAFRAN Group PR-5000 Penetrant testing Approval
Rolls-Royce RRP 58003 Conformance
Airbus AITM 6-1001 Penetrant inspection Conformance
ASME Boiler & Vessel Code Section V, Article 6 Conformance
Society of Automotive Engineers AMS 2644 Type I, Method B, C & D, Level 2 Approval
Pratt & Whitney FPM-Master Supplement Approval

Technical Datasheets:

Download Ardrox 9812 Technical Datasheet


25L container, 200L container


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