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Baugh and Weedon Opus UV-A Lamp

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The Opus is a mains only, LED UV lamp featuring 4 powerful UV-A (365nm) LEDs, plus a convenient white light LED to quickly switch between fluorescent inspection and flaw location. Designed for NDT applications to aid the visual inspection and identification of cracks, inclusions and surface defects, the Opus lamp is also extremely useful in identifying effective rinsing during the NDT inspection rinse process.

The LEDs generate a UV light with a wavelength between 365 to 370nm and peak radiation at approximately 365nm. This corresponds to UV radiation in the so-called UV-A range. A unique mechanical cooling system keeps LEDs cool to maintain optimum light output during extended use.

The standard model OPUS-S is compliant with ASTM E2297, E3022, E1444, E1417 and ISO 3059.

The aerospace model, OPUS-A, is also compliant with Rolls Royce RRES 90061 and Airbus AITM6-1001.

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