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Baugh and Weedon Vista Eye

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The VISTA EYE is a special crack dimension measurement and evaluation accessory with UV and white lighting, compatible with the Vista+, and can be connected to laptops as well. Linked with the Vista+, the Vista Eye can operate as an UV/WL endoscope, taking photos of the finest cracks with a high resolution, clear display. The cracks can be measured precisely through the built-in app in the Vista+ or dedicated PC software, making it a great tool for carrying out TAM panel degradation checks and for reporting defects.

  • Built-in High Resolution Camera: customized Sony camera with 2 Mega-Pixel CCD
  • UV Light and White Light Switch: 2 UV LEDs and 2 White Light LEDs
  • Adjustable Intensity: Continuous intensity adjustment for different fluorescent brightness’s for optimal graphic output
  • Android Based operating system.
  • Changeable Lens, zooming Function, precision Measurements, UV/White Light Endoscope
  • Crack Measurement Range: 0.01 – 7mm
Download the Vista Eye brochure: Here


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