Chemetall Britemor 922(W) Level 2 Flurorescent Dye Penetrant


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Britemor 922(W) is a level 2 water based water-washable fluorescent penetrant suitable for the detection of defects open to the surface. It gives crisps indications with exceptionally low levels of backgrounds and have excellent water washability characteristics. Britemor 922(W) contains readily biodegradable surfactants and is based on a unique, patent-pending technology enabling a high concentration in water. This is the source for a dramatically high BOD/COD ratio and consequently much reduced waste water treatment cost. It is suitable for electrostatic application. It can be used for metals and porous ceramics during production and maintenance works.


Approving authority Specification Product Use / Specification title What
CEN ISO EN ISO 3452-2 Type I, Method A, Level 2 Conformance

Technical Datasheets:

Download Britemor 922(W) Techincal Datasheet


25L container, 200L container


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