Chemetall Lumor J Fluorescent Magnetic Ink



Lumor J fluorescent magnetic ink consists of finely-divided fluorescent magnetic particles, dispersed in a hydrocarbon carrier fluid, which will fluoresce brilliant yellow/green under ultraviolet radiation with a predominant wavelength of 365 nanometres. Lumor J is ideal for the inspection of ferromagnetic materials, structures and components by the magnetic particle inspection method.


Approving authority Specification Product Use / Specification title What
Rolls-Royce CSS231 Approval
ASTM E-1444 M-16 Conformance
Society of Automotive Engineers AMS 3045 Conformance
SAFRAN Group IN-5300 Conformance
CEN ISO EN ISO 9934-2 Conformance
ASME Boiler & Vessel Code Section V, Article 7 Conformance
Society of Automotive Engineers AMS 2641 Type I Conformance

Technical Datasheets:

Download Lumor J Techincal Datasheet



Case of 10 400ml aerosol cans, 5L container, 25L container


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