Johnson and Allen JAC 2 Dye Penetrant Cleaner/Remover



JAC 2 is a quick drying component degreaser, penetrant remover and cleaner. When used during an inspection process JAC 2 should be applied by impregnating a lint free cloth to wipe away excess penetrant before developer is applied.

Certified to meet Sulphur and Halogen levels required by military, nuclear and ASME standards.

Available in 400mL aerosols and in 5L bulk containers.

Product Data:

Flammability Extremely Flammable
Carrier Fluid Hydrocarbon Mix.
Propellant Dimethyl Ether
Type Type 1 and Type 2
Testing Method(s) A and C
Temperature Range 5 to 50°C
Shelf Life Aerosol – 18 Months
Bulk – 36 Months
Standards ISO 3452
ISO 571
ASTM E1417

Safety and product data downloads:


400ml aerosol can, 5 litre bulk container


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