Johnson and Allen JAYSON Electromagnetic Yoke Range


The JAYSON has a proven track record for usability, durability and reliability. The core components are encapsulated in a hard wearing, impact and abrasion resistant polymer which makes the JAYSON hard wearing and the switch is positioned on the spine of the Yoke to minimise the profile of the Yoke. Like other Johnson & Allen Yokes the JAYSON is fitted with a self-resetting thermal cut-out to prevent burnouts from misuse. The JAYSON is available in 110V and 240V options.

The JAYSON is supplied lift tested with certificate of conformity and in a heavy duty canvas bag as standard.

Product Data

Voltage 110V
Current (Unloaded) 3.7A
Frequency 50/60Hz
Weight 2.7Kg
IP Rating IP56
Lift Test Weight >4.5Kg
Warranty 12 Months
Mains Lead 4m
Powerbelt Compatibility 110V Only
Specification Compliance BS EN ISO 9934-3:2015
ASTM E1444/ E1444-11
ASTM E 709
‚ÄčASTM E3024

110V, 240V


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