Johnson and Allen Neoelectron 2 Battery Operated UV LED Lamp


The Neolectron 2 combines high output, portability and safety into one unit. Supplied with 2 power tool type batteries, this unit only requires 12V to operate but still produces outputs comparable with mains operated units.

For increased reliability the Neolectron 2 has a rear mounted ‘Fuel’ indicator consisting of 5 LED’s to indicate the charge remaining on the battery and will sound an alarm to notify operators when recharging is required

Product Data:
Meets the requirements of: BSI ISO 9934-3:2015 and BSI ISO 3452-4:2013
UV max. output: > 3000μW/cm2 @ 400mm
Beam spread: > 150mm @ 400mm
Peak wave length: 365nm
White light: < 5 Lux
Supplied with: Heavy duty carry case with foam fitted inserts, 2 Lithium ion batteries, safety spectacles and battery charging station.
Battery life: 1.5 Hours of inspection on a single charge
On/off switch: trigger mounted
Battery Indicator: rear mounted
Replacement batteries and bulbs available


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