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Johnson and Allen NEOVU-2 UV-A Lamp Range


The NeoVU-2 is compact, efficient and robust. So tough you can literally stand on its light weight body and it will not break making it ideal for heavy handed users and for use in even the harshest NDT environments. With a fast warm up time and stable 365nm output this unit is ideal for a huge array of MPI and DPI applications.

Battery powered 12V DC version available, which includes a pouch for the waist worn battery and the option of an 4AH or 18AH battery.

Product Data:
Auto-sensing unit takes between 230V and 110V (mains powered unit only)
UV max. output > 2000μW/cm2 @ 400mm
Beam spread > 150mm @ 400mm
White light < 5 Lux
Extremely rugged CNC anodised Aluminium construction
Significant energy savings over Mercury vapour units
Warm up period < 30 seconds
No control box
Rear mounted on/off switch
Replacement bulbs available

Download the product data sheet here: Product data sheet download


Mains powered – 110/230V, Battery powered 12V with 4A/H Battery Pack, Belt and Case, Battery powered 12V with 18A/H Battery Pack, Belt and Case


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