Nexa Twin Shear Wave Transducer Range


SMG NDT are proud to be a distributor of Nexa Ultrasonic Solutions range of Ultrasonic Probes.

With over 18 years experience under their belt, Nexa design and manufacture their probes in the UK. All probes come with a data sheet.

Nexa twin angle shear probes provide good resolution and sensitivity ideal for thin walled material and near surface inspections , available in 45°, 60°, 70° angles as standard (any angle between 45° to 90° can be made to order) 


  • Twin shear wave
  • Lemo 00 connectors
  • Angles available: 45°- 90°
  • Piezo-composite crystal 
  • Relative bandwidth: (-6dB) from 1MHz to 7.5MHz
  • Crystal sizes: 4mm x 8mm (x2)
  • Case Size: L:29mm, W:16.6 and H:23.5 

2MHz, 4MHz


45°, 60°, 70°


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