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Olympus VersaMOUSE Scanner – Pre-owned


Availability: 3 in stock

We have several of these Olympus VersaMOUSE Scanners in stock. They were owned by training school since new, so have seen very little use.


  • Compatible with the OmniScan, the TomoScan FOCUS LT (with an optional adaptor), and other instruments with the appropriate encoder cable (not included).
  • Integrated clicker button for indexing enabling 2D mapping.
  • Adjustable fork for easy and fast installation of multiple wedge dimensions.
  • Two rubber wheels that remain in contact with the surface for maximum grip.
  • Spring-loaded yoke that can be positioned with a 90º skew.
  • Encoder resolution: 8.4 steps/mm.
  • Encoded linear scan (one axis) for phased array inspection.
  • Durable aluminium body and waterproof construction.

Kit Contents:

  • VersaMouse scanner
  • 2.5M encoder cable compatible with OmniScan units
  • Adjustable spring loaded yoke, width: 65mm, length: 65mm
  • Allen key set
  • Pele carry case with foam inserts

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