Phoenix ISL Wren TOFT Scanner, Probes and Wedges.


This kit consists of a Wren 4″ low-profile TOFD weld root erosion scanner, with wheel encoder wired for connection to an Olympus OmniScan SX, pipework for couplant pump (not included), 5MHz and 10MHz probes (Lemo 00 connections), Flat, 4″, 6″ and 8″ AOD wedges in 45°, 60° and 70° angles. All the items in this kit are unused and have all their original paperwork from manufacturer and come in their original carry cases.

This single axis scanner is ideal for TOFD inspection of welds of any material. It can be operated using just one hand, so it is particularly inspector friendly for use on site, especially in areas with limited access. This will operate in any orientation on surfaces from 4” pipe up to flat plate, suitable for inspecting welds on pipework, pressure vessels, storage tanks and structural components. The WREN holds a single pair of transducers with the wedges attached to the scanner using spring-loaded gimballing pins. The attachment of the wedges allows some compliance between the two TOFD transducers permitting inspection on mismatched or irregular welds.


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