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Sonatest Alphagage+ Dual Corrosion & Precision Gauge

The Sonatest AlphaGage+ instrument uses single element transducers in Pulse-Echo configuration in order to measure to higher accuracy than corrosion gages and meet very strict quality control requirements as in the Aerospace and Automotive industries. With a wide offering of quality probes, delay line wedges and software options, the Sonatest precision gauge offering is very versatile. Typical applications include: steel, aluminium, glass, plastic and rubber. The Alphagage us upgradable in the field, the AlphaGage+ is a flexible solution as it can be fully loaded from the start or upgraded anytime later by easily activating its valuable software options when required.

Optional Upgrades (can be chosen in options during checkout):

Data Logger (B-Scan) – Thickness readings with ID location for corrosion mapping or profile assessment and send readings to Microsoft Excel™ for further asset maintenance evaluation.

Oxide Scale (boiler tube) – Simultaneously display the boiler tube wall thickness as well as the internal oxide scale thickness at their velocities greatly improves the efficiency of investigation to extend tube life.


Live Waveform (A-Scan) – Display live A-scan for echo verification and real time control of acoustic range, rectification, gain and blanks or combine the A-Scan with B-Scan view for even more detailed analysis.


Standard, With Live Waveform, With Data Logger, With Live Waveform and Data Logger, With Live Waveform, Data logger and Oxide Scale


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