Sonatest D20+ Ultrasonic Flaw Detector – Pre-owned



We received this pre-owned Sonatest D20+ from a training school. During our checks of the unit it was noted that due to wear (as seen in pictures), the OK and right cursor button require to be pressed slightly harder than usual, although this doesn’t effect the functionality of this unit, the price has been reduced accordingly.


  • Connectors: BNC
  • Frequency Bands: 1MHz, 2.25MHz, 5MHz, Wide (1-20 MHz)
  • Square Wave Pulser: Optimised for each band (spike on wide)
  • TCG: Time Corrected Gain 40dB dynamic range, 30dB per microsecond, up to 10 points for curve definition

This unit includes:

  • Charger
  • Carry bag



No Calibration (2 day delivery), Calibrated (approximately 5 day delivery)


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