Sonatest Prisma Accessories and Spares

The following accessories and spares are available for the Sonatest Prisma UT/Phased Array Flaw Detector:

These items are subject to a 10 day lead time.

  • Prisma Window Protector
  • Prisma Quick Start Guide book
  • Prisma CD user/quick start guide
  • Carry Strap
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Power Supply (LEMO)
  • Single Bay Battery Charger
  • Dual Bay Battery Charger
  • Waterproof Mouse
  • Waterproof Keyboard
  • 7Lt Portable Hand Spray Kit
  • Compact USB Wi-Fi Router
  • Single Universal Encoder 2.5m
  • Single Universal Encoder 5m

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Prisma Window Protector, Quick Start Guide Book Prisma, Prisma CD user guide, Storm Case with insert for Prisma, Carry Strap, Lithium Ion Battery, Power Supply (LEMO), Single Bay Battery Charger, Dual Bay Battery Charger, Waterproof Mouse, Waterproof Keyboard, 7Lt Portable Hand Spray Kit, Compact USB Wi-Fi Router, JX-1004 Single Universal Encoder 2.5m, JX-1007 Single Universal Encoder 5m


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