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Sonatest Prisma Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Please contact us for up to date lead times and pricing.

The prisma ultrasonic flaw detector offers the end user, outstanding performance in the field together with the flexibility and capability to step up from using a high-end ultrasonic flaw detector to an instrument with phased array functionality. All models have TOFD capability on board, together with excellent reporting output.

Typical applications are broad but include Rail Testing, Weld inspection, Corrosion Mapping, Aerospace and Composite Testing. Click here to download Prisma brochure

As simple as you want

  • 30 second configuration
  • No Delay – UT to PA – one button away
  • Configuration and Calibration Wizards
  • “Parameter Genius” giving you step by step assurance
  • Minimise training due to the common user interface
  • UT Studio+ provides fast & dynamic reporting

As capable as you need

  • UT, TOFD & PA Inspection Modes
  • Multi-mode validation of inspection
  • Upgradeable anytime, anywhere!
  • Unique cursors for precision measurement
  • Recordability: screen shots, full data recording, fully traceable.
  • Customisable imaging layout – 29 to choose from.

Prisma UT Standard Kit:

  • Dual UT Channels with:
  • A-Scan Recording
  •  2 Axis Encoding
  •  Interface Triggering (IFT)
  •  A, B and C Scan Displays
  •  USB Stick (8GB)
  •  Couplant
  •  User Manual/Quick User Guide
  •  2 Point Neck Harness
  •  Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
  •  Power Cord & Power Supply adaptor
  •  Screen Protector (Anti-Glare)
  •  Transport Case (Airplane Carry on Size)
  •  1 UTstudio License

Prisma UT/PA 16/16 Standard Kit:

  • Dual UT channel kit above plus
  • 16:16, manual PA


UT option

  • TOFD
  • *encoding for UT is standard
  • *IFT for UT is standard

PA option

  • 16:64
  • 2 axis encoding & recording for PA
  • IFT for PA
  • Encoder Y-Splitter

Software Options:

  •  CSV Export Software function to export
  • View data into a CSV format.
  • WiFi
  •  Xpair – Cloud Remote Access

Please contact us for pricing for software options.



Connector options

Lemo, BNC

Configuration options

Standard UT, UT and PA 16:16, UT and TOFD, UT, TOFD and PA 16:16, UT, TOFD and PA 16:64


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