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Sonatest SLF – Single Compression Transducer


Sonatest SLF 0° Ultrasonic Probes are available in 2.25MHz or 5MHz frequencies, with ½” or 1″ crystal diameters and BNC or Lemo 00 connectors


  • Single normal beam compression wave contact probe
  • 2.25MHz or 5MHz frequencies
  • ½” or 1″ Circular, lead metaniobate crystal
  • Medium damped for general use
  • Polymer membrane protected face facilitates coupling with minimum couplant
  • Stainless steel ergonomic case for good grip and ease of use.
  • Delay lines available on request
  • BNC or Lemo 00 connectors

Frequent Applications:

  • Castings
  • Forgings
  • Bars
  • Billets
  • Bond Testing
  • Laminations

2.25MHz, 5MHz

Crystal Diameter

½" Crystal Diameter, 1" Crystal Diameter


Lemo 00, BNC


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